Why GoKart?

It’s so easy to use.
GoKart electric golf carts
The GoKart has just two controls. An on/off switch and a variable speed roller. Adjusting the speed to match your walking pace is a doddle. And when you stop to hit your ball, you just flick the off switch to stop. To move off again, simply flip the switch on and the GoKart smoothly accelerates back to your pace. Easy.

We also thought carefully about folding and unfolding the trolley. When it’s raining and you’re late for the first tee the last thing you want to do is faff around with connecting bits and putting battery wires together. With the GoKart you just unfold the frame and drop the battery into place to lock the whole thing together – without even having to connect anything up. It’s so quick you’ll soon have an amazed audience. Chunky handles make it easy to lift (apart from the fact it only weighs in at 8.2kg) and quick release wheels are also nice touches to make life with a GoKart that bit easier. (back..)

Fold it up and it disappears!
electric golf carts
We joke in the advertising that if it were any smaller you’d lose it in your car boot. It really is neat, measuring just 26x59x61cm (H x W x L) We’ve made a lot of people with small cars very happy (and a lot of people with large cars happy too). And it’s tidy when it’s folded – you can get lots of other stuff around it (like clubs). This usually removes the need for any kit to be visible in your car, avoiding security issues, which has to be a good thing. (back..)

Award winning design – and made in the UK
Red Dot Award for electric golf carts
We came up with the idea of the GoKart and worked with a team of design experts and plastics engineers to ensure the very best way of using modern materials. Computer aided technology, and a lot of inspired thinking cooked up electric golf carts that are not only innovative and exciting, but come with the very necessary attributes to handle the rigors of a golf course. Made out of thermoplastic polymer with glass reinforcement in parts, they’re tough, extremely robust and very much up to the job!

The GoKart has been awarded two very prestigious national design awards (one of them being ‘Consumer Product of the year’) and followed that up with a ‘Red Dot’ accreditation – a highly acclaimed international award hotly contended by the world’s best designers. So our mantelpiece is pleasantly loaded. In all cases the judges viewed the GoKart to be innovative, involving ingenious use of materials and highly practical. We’ve incorporated some clever features into the way GoKart works; it’s not just a pretty face. Our patented high efficiency drive system ensures the minimum of battery juice results in the maximum of power. Good news for its performance on the course and on battery life. (back..)

Choose your look – and the kit you need
electric golf carts with umberellas
GoKart is available in a range of nifty colours, with an ever expanding selection of accessories to choose from; transit bag, golf bag, umbrella holder, drinks holder, seat, hedgehog wheels. So not only can you look the part, when you’ve got everything you need with you on the course you stand a very good chance of playing a decent game too. Our matching golf bag is a particularly popular choice, matching the trolley perfectly with practical features and striking design. You’re two up before you hit a shot. (back..)

Unrivalled customer service, with 30 years experience.
Electric Golf Carts Factory
We really have been at this malarkey for more years than we care to remember, ever since electric golf trolleys became popular. And for the whole of that time we’ve kept the highest possible standards in customer care. We have an unrivalled reputation for looking after customers in a way that they don’t find anywhere else. Our team here at GKHQ are highly knowledgeable about our electric golf carts, and hellbent on making you the happiest customer on the planet.

We don’t have a posh Mission Statement or anything like that to tell you about (if we did have a Mission Statement it would probably involve not three putting). We keep it simple and treat our customers the way we’d want to be looked after. We don’t think we can go too far wrong with that. (back..)

Peace of mind guarantee.
When you buy a GoKart we give you a years warranty on the trolley and either a 6 month or 5 year warranty on the battery, depending on which battery you choose. You know that within this period, any issues you may have will be handled quickly, efficiently and with the minimum of fuss and bother to you. You also know that outside of this period, any issues you may have will be handled quickly, efficiently and with the minimum of fuss and bother to you. You can see the full terms and conditions here (back..)