Using the GoKart

A powered golf trolley that’s designed to be really, really easy to use.
The GoKart electric golf trolley folds in one piece and there’s no fiddling about with catches and connectors either. Unfold it and clip the battery into place‚ that’s all you do to put the GoKart into a state of instant readiness.

During rigorous testing in carefully controlled office conditions we established that you could unfold a GoKart in 2.8 seconds (after drinking a lot of coffee). With very little practice this can be replicated in the car park to amaze all your friends.

There are two controls on the handle. A switch for on/off and a roller to control the speed. It’s a doddle to set the speed to match your walking pace. There’s nothing else to get the hang of; sliders, gauges, buttons that go “ping”; to distract you from what you’re really out there for, getting your name up in gold letters back at the clubhouse.

After winning your match, simply lift the battery out, press the green button and the whole trolley just curls up, compact and ready for bed.

“At last! A product that does exactly what was promised. My GoKart is light, easy to assemble, easy to use on the course and easy to pop back in the car afterwards. The battery clips sweetly into place and lasts a long time- even on a hilly course. Not only is the GoKart sturdily built but it is also a looker- the envy of the car park on Sunday mornings! Many thanks for a fine product.” Phil W. Somerset