The GoKart Breeding Programme

We pay you to say nice things about us!
It’s not compulsory, but we don’t take it for granted when owners tell their friends about the GoKart. To prove this, we’ve devised a little scheme. It’s very simple and goes like this;
1. Recommend the GoKart to someone (family/friend/golf partner/workmate/passer by).
2. Make sure they have your name and postcode.
3. Tell them to buy a GoKart in our webshop, or by phone (011 238-7122).
4. They give your name and postcode after they order a trolley.
5. We give you a R250 credit in your account which can be used towards a new battery or accessory. eg. refer 6 people who purchase a Gokart and you get a new battery!                                                                                                               6. Accumulate credits every time a sale is made with your referral.
7. Spend the credits in the GoKart webshop.

Although the credits can only be used to buy GoKart products, they don’t expire and can be used at any time for either full or part payment. To help you inform the rest of the planet of the Way of the GoKart, we can send you little cards to distribute. They explain how the breeding programme works, and have space for you to write your name. Please fill in the form below and we’ll send you some.GoKart Breeding Programme

Like all good games there are a few rules, so to ensure fair play, here they are;
- The credits are not transferable.
- The credits can’t be used with the initial purchase of a GoKart.
- The credits are not refundable for cash.
- The person mentioned when the order is placed must be registered with us as an owner (let us know if someone else bought your trolley and we’ll make you legal).
- Only one owner can be named per order.

Breeding Programme Card request form:


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Message from John H of Harrogate:
“Ordered my Go Kart Wednesday, arrived Friday 8am….does exactly what it ‘says on the tin’…..great product/ service. Didn’t even get to the first tee before I was ‘approached’ about my new toy……converted him in minutes and handed out my first breeding programme business card”