The battery decision.
There are two batteries to choose from; an 18 hole crystal/lead battery or a Lithium battery.   The Lithium battery must be specially ordered and the price will be quoted on inquiry.

The main frame of the GoKart is very dark grey (ask 100 people and 95 would probably call it black). You can either have the whole of the trolley, including the battery cover, in this colour or you can add one of five highlight colours; green, red, blue, orange and pink. The second colour applies to the battery cover, the speed switch, the frame catch and the wheel hubs. To confuse matters further, you can also choose one of the second colours but still have a black battery cover.

All this makes our stock keeping a nightmare, but it’s worth it to give you the trolley you want. Have a look in our photo gallery to see pictures of all these permutations, and if you’d like any further advice, please don’t be shy. We like talking about our trolley.

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