The Go-Kart Electric Golf Trolley

So why is the GoKart different? Well we designed it to be! From the very start we knew we wanted to use new materials, in a new way.  Modern computer aided design transformed our scribbles into an electric golf trolley that not only looked good, but was also surprisingly strong.  We opted for reinforced thermoplastic polymers (plastic to you and me) and the end result is pretty impressive.

Miles (and miles and miles) of test fairways ensured that the GoKart powered golf trolley kept all its promises. We wanted it to be light (it is, 8.2 kg), we wanted it to be easy to use (yep), we wanted it to fold to nothing (we learnt origami – have you noticed how little it is?), we wanted to give you all those extras that make a difference; handles for easy lifting, scorecard, ball and tee holders, left/right handed operation, quick release wheels…furry dice. They’re all there (well nearly).

But we also wanted to dazzle you with science, so we thought hard and came up with a really neat slot in battery system (no fiddly connectors), computerised motor management and a patented new drive system.

Brains and muscle, what else could you want?  Click the links in the ‘more info’ box to the left for more details about GoKart electric golf trolleys.

GoKart Electric Golf Trolley