The Big Vote.

Aug 15 2012

We asked you whether a Brit would win a Major this year.  Well that’s all the Majors tucked up for another year, so time to take stock. 12% of you said Rory would, you smartypants you.

But 37% said Luke would, and 35% opted for Mr. Westwood so a big failure to deliver on those fronts as far as you’re concerned (and probably how they’re feeling themselves…)

But more worryingly 5% said Jacklin was up for another title.  There is absolutely nothing we can say about that apart from if he does please can he wear that nice lavender sweater again.

Which brings us to a new Big Vote. All about the young prince we think…just how far can young Rory take it?

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Heads Up. Recent Rule change

Aug 15 2012

We’ve been sort of reliably informed by Alan Beggs of Portstewart of a change in the Rules. We thought we’d better share before you tee up in the medal tomorrow;

Rule 1.a.5
A ball sliced or hooked into the rough shall be lifted and placed on
the fairway at a point equal to the distance it carried or rolled into
the rough with no penalty. The player should not be penalized for tall
grass which ground keepers failed to mow.

Rule 3.b.3 (G)
There shall be no such thing as a lost ball. The missing ball is on or
near the course and will eventually be found and pocketed by someone
else, making it a stolen ball.The player is not to compound the felony
by charging himself or herself with a penalty.

Well that makes life a bit easier then.

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Making a difference

May 08 2011

Last year GoKart was delighted to get involved with ‘Glad’s House’,  a young charity that provides support for street children in Mombasa, assisting their return to a ‘normal’ way of life. They’re also supported by The European Tour – Tour Players Foundation. Take a look at this video and you’ll see how training the boys as caddies can make a dramatic difference to lives.

Now don’t get us wrong, we LOVE selling electric trolleys. But this is one occasion when we’re happy not seeing them on the course.

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