Golf cart or golf trolley?

Sep 11 2010

Maybe this is only interesting to internet geeks (that’s us), but it’s amazing the number of different things you can type into Google, and still end up with the website you need.

Do you call it golf cart or golf trolley, or golf buggy? Here at GoKart we call them electric golf trolleys, but looking at what visitors to our website are typing into Google in finding us, there’s a whole range of phrases people use to describe club carrying kit:
golf buggies, golf kart, golf kart kaddy, golf caddy, caddy car, power trolley, electric cart. It goes on.

There are some really interesting spellings too. But fascinatingly, it doesn’t seem to matter how you spell electic goofl bugie; you still end up getting to our website. The wonders of Google. Maybe they’ve developed ‘psychic search’ without telling anyone.

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