Making a difference

May 08 2011

Last year GoKart was delighted to get involved with ‘Glad’s House’,  a young charity that provides support for street children in Mombasa, assisting their return to a ‘normal’ way of life. They’re also supported by The European Tour – Tour Players Foundation. Take a look at this video and you’ll see how training the boys as caddies can make a dramatic difference to lives.

Now don’t get us wrong, we LOVE selling electric trolleys. But this is one occasion when we’re happy not seeing them on the course.

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Golf cart or golf trolley?

Sep 11 2010

Maybe this is only interesting to internet geeks (that’s us), but it’s amazing the number of different things you can type into Google, and still end up with the website you need.

Do you call it golf cart or golf trolley, or golf buggy? Here at GoKart we call them electric golf trolleys, but looking at what visitors to our website are typing into Google in finding us, there’s a whole range of phrases people use to describe club carrying kit:
golf buggies, golf kart, golf kart kaddy, golf caddy, caddy car, power trolley, electric cart. It goes on.

There are some really interesting spellings too. But fascinatingly, it doesn’t seem to matter how you spell electic goofl bugie; you still end up getting to our website. The wonders of Google. Maybe they’ve developed ‘psychic search’ without telling anyone.

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How to fit a GoKart battery

Jul 01 2010

A quick reminder about fitting the battery into your GoKart. It’s a feature of the GoKart’s design; the battery becomes part of the frame and it’s one of the things that makes the GoKart so quick and easy to use. But you can’t drop the battery in any-old-how – it’s important that it’s really in place.

The way to check is by looking at the side flaps on the battery case when they’re positioned on the trolley. If you don’t make sure the locking flaps are clipped under the frame, your GoKart will be a bit like the England football team; hit and miss.

If the battery doesn’t drop in far enough for the flaps to easily clip under immediately, please don’t try the brute force method; just lift the battery slightly and wriggle it a bit.

Along with forgetting to put the battery back on charge ASAP, this is really the only thing you can get wrong.

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New GoKart clothing range?

Jun 30 2010

A quote from Duncan M. about the GoKart golf bag;
“The lads I play golf with all agreed it was a smart piece of kit and looked well on the trolley, one of the comedians in our group (we have several) asked when I was going to be sporting the Go Kart Speed suit (Cathy Freeman style)”.

Well, should we? What do you reckon?

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Coming soon, the GoKart Orange

Jan 19 2010

We thought we’d refresh the colour range with a drop of citrus. Tasty isn’t it! Available early February.

The GoKart Orange

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Bundle Bargain !!

Jan 18 2010

Treat yourself to a couple of accessories when you buy a GoKart and you’re in for a treble treat.  You’ll save R250 . And with lots to choose from in the accessory range you won’t find it difficult to find goodies to go with your new GoKart.

Select any two when you buy a new trolley and you’ll qualify; additional battery, brolly, brolly holder, transit bag, seat, bottle holder or golf bag.  Order online and the discount will be automatically included if you select the extras; there’s no need to do anything else.  Or call us on 011 238 7122 Monday to Friday, 9 to 5.


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