GoKart – Electric Golf Trolleys

Why do golfers choose the GoKart electric golf trolley?

1It’s so easy to use

The GoKart has just two controls. An on/off switch and a variable speed roller. (more..)

Fold it up and it disappears!

We joke in the advertising that if it were any smaller you’d lose it in your car boot. (more..)

Award winning design – and made in the UK

We came up with the idea of the GoKart and worked with a team of design experts. (more..)

Choose your look and the kit you need.

GoKart is available in a range of nifty colours, with an ever expanding selection of accessories. (more..)

Unrivalled customer service, 30 years experience

We really have been at this malarkey for more years than we care to remember. (more..)

One year warranty

When you buy a GoKart we give you a one year warranty on the trolley. (more..)

New Range of Colours to suit your style

New colour options available. By popular demand we’ve made an all black version of the golf trolley; so if you want to know what a GoKart electric golf trolley would have looked like in the old days, before they invented colour, take a look. We’ve also added orange. This particular shade has been carefully formulated to simulate sunlight when taken on to a golf course.  Our full range of colours are now Blue, Green, Pink, Red, Orange and black.   Click on the thumbnails below to get a better look. Or click here to go to our shop

You may have noticed a few more GoKart electric golf trolleys around lately

Yes, they’ve been proliferating…have you seen our “Breeding Programme” (more info)?   We give you R250 credit every time you recommend someone to buy a Gokart and they purchase one .   Golfers love the way it folds into a tiny little wotsit in the boot of your car, and the way it’ll outpower all your friends’ golf trolleys (unless they already have GoKarts of course…).

GoKart electric golf trolley

All new GoKarts are covered by a one year warranty

Electric golf trolleys covered by a one year warranty. There are a few conditions (not too sneaky), so please check the small print here.
GoKart Electric Golf Trolley

If you’re curious to know more about GoKart electric golf trolley

We’d love you to dive in and look around the site. Click here for more GoKart details. You’ll discover loads of interesting nuggets of information. If you don’t find what you’re looking for (or you have a particularly strange and wonderful question, we like those), please drop us a line and we’ll be back with an answer before you know it!

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